Get tangled in the high quality,eco-friendly elastic yarn Zpagetti

By on October 12, 2011

Fashion and sustainability come hand in hand here at The Green Stylist, and when it comes to being creative that’s always a plus too! Zpagetti is an Australian company that combines the trifecta of fashion, sustainability and creativity into one amazing product: elastic cotton yarn. Zpagetti is made from offcut fashion fabrics. What results is a high quality, elastic yarn that is not only eco-friendly but has a huge variety of fun and creative usages.

As the yarn is made from offcut fabrics, the colors and patterns vary with the season, so you can be sure find everything from the most trendy to the most beautiful yarn options. I just love the rusty mustard color pictured above that one person has posted along with an intricate crochet project she is working on with her Zpagetti. Click on the photo to see more of her blog and personal Zpagetti projects!

Another great thing is that the Zpagetti website includes free pattern templates for creating your own Zpagetti handbags, crochet flowers, or baskets, as well as a great inspiration page for brainstorming.

There are so many uses for Zpagetti; I was astonished how many gorgeous projects people have come up with using this amazing eco-friendly product! I even found a lovely flickr site dedicated to project’s people around the world have made using Zpagetti. It is truly inspiring to see how creative and motivated people can be when it comes to finding new and exciting ways to recycle material in our day to day lives. If you can, be sure to get your hands on some Zpagetti, or try finding your own way of using recycled materials. Get those creative juices flowing and get inspired! Check out the Zpagetti site for more ideas and information.

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